My stories

story-icon-copyMuch of my journalism career has been spent as a daily newspaper or magazine editor, mentoring, facilitating and editing reporters’ work. And I’ve loved it! But here is a selection of my own journalism:

Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 25, 2016: Campaign Primer: Hamilton County Juvenile Judge

Cincinnati Enquirer, April 29, 2016: Opinion: A parent’s graduation dilemma.

Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 13, 2015: Opinion: Mizzou team used a bludgeon.

MiamiOhioFirenze, 2009-2015, a blog I maintain while living and teaching in Florence, Italy.

Kickstarter VIDEO for Fernald Nature Preserve, Ross, Ohio, Nov. 14, 2014: A Bird Blind for Fernald

Journal-News, Cox Media Ohio, Oct. 24, 2014: Retherford’s legislative involvement spans the gamut

PHOTO The Commodore, Mill Creek Watershed Council, September 2013: On urban waterway, a commodore steps up, by Josh North (story by one of my Miami University students)

Cincy magazine, Real Estate Digest example (I wrote this column for several years):

Cincy magazine, August 2008: UC’s Prime Property Guru

Cincy magazine, June 2008 edition: Organize your space

Cincy magazine, August 2007 edition: The Road Warrior: Keep an eye on Christine Matacic

Cincy magazine, August 2007 edition: Bring on the choo-choos

Cincy magazine, February 2007 edition: Up on downtown

Cincinnati Enquirer, July 9, 2006: Rookwood Pottery Revived with original molds

Business Week, Cincinnati Enquirer, July 24, 2005: Who Thought Up Famous Brands?

Cincinnati Enquirer, June 29, 2005: Imagination, research pay off for teen writer

Honolulu Advertiser, June 23, 2005 (earlier published in Cincinnati Enquirer: Investors cashing in on rare coins

Cincinnati Enquirer, Sept. 21, 2004: No Easy Money on EBay

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